Meet The Face
Behind The Posts

First, let me express how delighted I am to be on this journey with you! Through this online space that we now share, I am able to convey a bit of myself through my writing and engage with you through the thoughts you share back. 

So, let’s start there, with my identity as a self-proclaimed writer. I have always been attracted to the kind of writing that exists at the intersection of the mind and the heart and which puts its foot down, demanding to be heard. The vulnerable act with which it is written simply leaves me in admiration. And, I have to admit that poetry moves me like no other form of art can. Much of that has molded me into someone with feet that are grounded in community and hands that reach to turn upside down the things I deem require examining. 

I have a deep belief that life is a funny thing, not because its happenings warrant laughter but rather because their roots are always worthy of our attention. You will then find that I am particularly loud about racial justice and feminism, perhaps because I exist at the intersection of those identities. If you’ll let me, through this blog, I am just hoping to challenge your thinking, expand your awareness, and widen your angle of view. Every step of the way, I am inviting you to challenge me back.